Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Frozen Leaves Chos Malal!

Alrighty well I really don't have much time today and I couldn't write all day yesterday because I was traveling for about 15 hours to get to my new area in el Bolsón!!! Anyway, it is beautiful here and I am SO SO happy and excited to be here.  A new chapter in the mission and I am also super excited to work with my new comp Hermana Lopez from Mendoza! I will send pics of her next week :)

To fill you all in on my last week in Chos Malal: Okay starting with Wednesday...my birthday!! The only thing we did to celebrate was buy ice cream which was fun but my favorite part of the day was when I opened my birthday box that my family sent me!! Mom, Dad, Jake, Toshy, Britty, and Torby I LOVE YOU!!! Seriously. So much.  Reading all the letters and seeing all the pictures you sent me of course brought me lots of tears (happy tears), but I am SO very grateful for all the love I could feel from you guys through your darling words.  Each and everyone one of you are in my heart always.  Wednesday night though Dante and his sweet family visited me with a few treats which was really sweet of them.  Thursday night we showed the movie Meet the Mormons in the movie theatre after spending the entire week passing out 500 invitations and inviting everyone in Chos Malal! Unfortunately only 10 people came in the entire city haha but I sure enjoyed the movie! Friday night was the night of Mica's baptism but sadly she called us the night before and said that she just isn't ready to keep all the commitments of being a member, so we canceled the baptism.  Saturday we had a talent show and I beatboxed while Elder Feulien and Elder Baldovino rapped haha.  It was super funny.  And I also sang Only Exception by Paramore and Wake Me Up When September Ends with Elder Sanchez! So fun.  Sunday was full of lots of tears and goodbyes but it was a good day and I sure am thankful to have known such wonderful people in Chos Malal.  After being there for half a year, I am never going to forget the people and all the happiness they brought me.  The definitely will be a part of me and my family for the rest of my life.

Whelp, I gotta go but I love you all and hope you all have the best week!!! Thanks again for more birthday wishes this week!! :)
p.s. Emi, Dante's darling daughter, calls me Frozen after the ice princess from the movie Frozen!!  that is why it says "Frozen" in the subject line of this email :) All of Dante's family call me Frozen and it always makes me smile.

love youuuu!!
Hermana Anika Van Boerum

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