Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Halfway Through the MTC!

I can't believe I have already been here three weeks. Time is flying by and
I already cannot wait to be in Neuquen, Argentina!!

This week we got two new districts in our zone.  One district consists of
three sisters and the other district has three sisters and two Elders!
They are all so awesome and so much fun.  It is nice not to be the
"newbies" anymore!

Here is a little run down of my daily schedule for all of you that are
wondering.  Also a reminder that this is my schedule every day except for
Sunday!  Yes, Saturdays we study for 9 hours as well.  We wake up at about
6am, study for an hour in class, go to breakfast and gym, go back to class
and study for three hours, go to lunch at 12:50, then go back to class and
study for three hours, go to dinner at 5:45 then go back to class and study
for three more hours.... LOTS and LOTS of studying!! I am learning so much
about the gospel and Spanish.  Studying that much is tough but sometimes my
district and I take little breaks because the Elders tell us that they
can't handle all of that studying.  So then we get into deep discussions
about our lives, the gospel, and sometimes (actually all the time) the
Elders like to tell us all about their girlfriends!  The Elders are all so
funny and they are like brothers to me!

Sundays are one of my favorite days because they are a lot more relaxing
and they are SO spiritual.  The devotionals are awesome and relief society
always has great messages for the Sister missionaries.  Before Relief
Society, we get to watch Music & the Spoken Word.  This is my favorite part
of they day.  Mom, you would absolutely love watching it so Google it and
watch this Sunday's episode!  The music is beautiful. The Spirit flows into
the room the minute the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings.

This week Hermana Houston and I got to lead the Sunday discussion.  Every
Sunday a companionship is chosen to lead a discussion within this district
about the topic of that week.  We had the opportunity to share a message
about Faith in the Atonement and the Spirit was so so strong.  Almost
everyone was crying (including the Elders) and it was such a blessing to
remind us all of the beauty of the Atonement.  Often times when I think of
they Atonement, I think, "How much blood was shed for me?"  Just an
interesting question to think about.  I love the Atonement and I love my

Last night at the Tuesday devotional, Bishop Dean Davies who is the second
counselor of the Church Bishopric spoke to us about patterns and the Holy
Spirit.  He shared a couple really neat stories but my favorite part was at
the end when he and his wife stood together at the pulpit and sang "Love
One Another" to us.  In that moment I felt so loved by these two people who
I hardly even know.  After they sang, they asked us all to join in and sing
with was POWERFUL.  Hermana Houston and I talked after about how
often we have sung this song and never truly thought of the words.  The
lyrics are at the end of my email, read them for yourself and see if any of
the words speak to you.  I love the first part, "As I have loved you"
because it is such a sweet reminder of the love that our Father in Heaven
has for each of his Children.

I love you all so so much.  Sorry that my emails are so scattered and
sometimes don't make any sense, I don't have much time!  I still love being
a missionary.  I am constantly "cansado" (tired) but I am constantly happy
as well.  Why endure to the end when we can enjoy to the end?  If we are
doing what we are supposed to, we should be happy and "enjoying to the
end."  Anyway, I love you all and am so thankful for all of your prayers.
Have a wonderful week!!

Hermana Van Boerum


*Love One Another*

   1. As I have loved you,
   Love one another.
   This new commandment:
   Love one another.
   By this shall men know
   Ye are my disciples,
   If ye have love
   One to another.
2. *Amad a Otros*
    Como os he amado,
    amad a otros.
    Un nuevo mandamiento,
    amad a otros
    Por esto sabrán quesois discípulos míos,
    si os amáisunos a otros

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