Monday, June 29, 2015

Three more Days and Welcome Home Jakers!!!!!!!

This week was great!  We are working so hard here and seeing lots of miracles because of our efforts.  Remember our investigator, Patricia, that we found while trying to look for a reference?  She came to church yesterday and even accepted a baptismal date for the 25 of July!  To tell you all a little more about Patricia, she has four kids and two of them still live with her in her home becasue they aren't married yet.  She is a sweetheart and loves when we pass by to teach her about the gospel as well!  The only problem is that she has a really bad memory and usually forgets what we teach her, but after reviewing things a few times over, she can remember and understand a lot better.  As of now she is our investigator that is progressing the most and we are going to do everything possible to help her be baptized in a month!!  I am super excited for her and she wants us to start teaching her two sons as well! 

We have 12 investigators and we are working hard to not only help them, but to help all the members as well (who are all basically recent converts!).  One of the recent converts in our area is struggling a ton and has fallen back into drinking.  About 2 weeks ago something really tragic happened to her, so now she is trying to deal with the post traumatic stress by drinking and doing all the things she did in the past.  I don't want to use her name or say what happened for privacy reasons but it is so sad what she is going through and we are trying so hard to help her.  The hardest part is that just 4 months ago she was baptized after having changed her life around a whole 180 degrees. Before this big change, she smoked weed, robbed homes, was pregnant at age 15, drank all the time, among many many other things.  She met the missionaries about a year ago and then from then on slowly changed her life around and was baptized in March before I got here!  After her baptism, up until what happened 2 weeks ago, everything was going really well but now she is falling back into old habits to cope with what happened.  Anyway, if you all could pray for the members and investigators here in Chos Malal that would be so great because Satan sure is working hard here!!

Happy 4th of July next weekend! And more importantly, I CAN'T BELIEVE JAKE GETS HOME THIS WEEK!!!! Sure wish I could be there to see him but I am so proud of him and his service to the Lord these past 2 years.  I know he served an honorable mission and was such a bright light to the people in the Philippines.  I love you Jake!!! Congrats!!!!!!

Quote of the week:
I shall go to my grave saying that missionaries generally speaking never rise in their entire life above the stature they carve out for themselves in the mission field.
-Henry D. Moyle 

Hermana Van Boerum

ps THANK YOU MOM for the best package ever!! Gluten free Trader Joe's cookies and all :) also thank you to Mimi & Bubba, Toshy, Katie Nydegger, Bridger Healey, and many others for the letters this week!! love you all!

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