Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy First Week of Summer!!!

Another great week here in Argentina!! Wow I cannot believe it is summer there!! This week is the first week of winter here for us :)  Enjoy the summer sun and spending time with all of your friends and family!!

Yesterday the branch presidency from Rincon de los Sauces came to visit us and bring a few things that we needed in our church.  Recently their "group" in Rincon became a branch so now they are coming to Chos Malal every few weeks to help us transform our group here in Chos Malal, into a branch like theirs! The branch presidency is awesome and I am super grateful to be working with them though.  Yesterday, they gave a great lesson on the repetition of gospel principles in our church.  For example why are we always repeating the same things in our talks every Sunday?  Why do we teach the same principles and doctrine over and over again in our lessons every single year?  I had never thought about those questions before but I loved the example they used to explain the purpose of repetition.  When parents ask their children to do something, do the kids automatically listen and start doing it?  Or do the parents have to ask about a hundred times and always remind their kids what they need to do? (I have seen this countless times in my home, sorry Mom and Dad for all the times you had to remind me to do the dishes or take out the trash!) Anyway, this really put things into perspective for me about the church and I now realize that we as members have to constantly learn and be reminded to do all that Heavenly Father wants us to learn and do.  It is the same reason that in the temple when we do baptisms or any of the other saving ordinances, we always use the same exact words.  We need to remind ourselves of these things in order to always be prepared to enfront the struggles of life, and sometimes it takes the 100th time to truly learn it.  All in all, I found this an interesting concept because repetition applies to every aspect of the church!  The Sacrament, principles in the Book of Mormon, temple ordincances, talks, lessons, General Conference talks, etc.  Repetition is key!

Not too much happened this week but yesterday, for family home evening, we watched Meet the Mormons with Alicia Mora and her 3 girls!  Alicia an dI cried lots at the missionary part but it was fun to watch and it made me think lots about my fam and how blessed we are to have this gospel :)  All our investigators are doing great and we are working hard to find them and teach them!  I will fill you all in a little more next week! :)

Hope you all have an amazing first week of summer!!!!!!

Quote of the week:
You can either complain that the roses have thorns, or thank God that the thorns have roses!

Hermana Van Boerum

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