Monday, December 15, 2014

Lovin Life in Argentina!

Okay first things first, I have the biggest smile on my face right now because I have been singing to Bob Marley and Ariana Grande for the past 50 minutes haha.  Oh man I am THANKFUL for the internet cafe´s music!! Family, Ariana Grande´s song came on (One Less Problem) and I got a little teary-eyed because it reminded me of when we saw her in New York!! But man, I am so so happy right now!

I only have about 10 minutes so I will try and fit in as much as I can!!!! So sorry!  

TOSHY!!!! Happy Birthday in 3 days!!!! WOOHOO pic for you attached to this email!! I love you and hope you have the best day ever!!  Do something crazy to celebrate!  Just kidding, read your scriptures to celebrate :) haha I love you!

This week has been so awesome!! I have worked my tail off but it has been a blast!! We had intercambios which is when you switch companions with other hermanas in the district and go with them for a day!! I went with Hermana Moreno and it was a blast!  I learned a lot from her and I am excited to use the things I learned to improve my area here in Godoy A!  I also gave my first talk in the mission fiel at the baptism for a girl named, Angie!  I talked about baptism and then at the end I gave her a bracelet (yes the bracelets you gave me mom) and attached a little paper to it that said ¨ancle su fe en Jesucristo!¨ which means anchor your faith in Christ!  Yes I take after my super creative, incredible, darling, mother!Anway, I was super nervous during the talk but I hope it went well!  

The language is coming along as well, I can understand most of the people and I am contributing a lot more in lessons and conversations with people!  I love Spanish!! 

This week we got to teach our two new investigators Diana and Nicolas.  Wow they are so awesome and so interested in the church!  We taught them with the elders on Thursday and the lesson was so awesome.  The Spirit was so strong and we answered tons of their questions.  We ended by singing Nearer My God to Thee and they absolutely loved it.  Wow I feel so grateful to be a missionary and enjoy the Spirit every single day I am serving.  

I am out of time but I hope you all are full of Christmas Spirit and having a blast!!  Right now in Argentina we are passing out cards that have the website for the video ¨He is the gift¨ and I hope you have all had the chance to see it! Yesterday when I handed out a card to this woman, it made me think about how my brother, my missionary cousins, and all my missionary friends are teaching about the same thing this Christmas, the gift of our Savior Jesus Christ.  My brother is in the Philippines sharing the importance of Christ this Christmas,just like I am. So cool.  I love it and I am thankful. 

Anyway, I am still SO SO happy and finally feel comfortable here!  I see the hands of Heavenly Father in my life daily.  Family and friends, I miss you all so much but I love you and I invite you all to think a little more about our Savior Jesus Christ this Christmas season.  Have an awesome week!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! I love being a missionary!! Fam, LOVE YOU.

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