Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Years y'all

Happy new years y'all!  I love P-day! Today I made 70 crepes for all the people in my zone and it was a blast!  We had crepes with dulce de leche, chocolate syrup, bananas, strawberries, powdered sugar and more!! No they weren´t gluten free but it was a fun morning!

This week was a blast!  Yesterday Fabian received the Priesthood in church and it was so awesome.  His baptism last Saturday was the first baptism in my area for the past TWO YEARS!  We have one of the tougher areas in the mission but I am thankful to be serving here!! Fabian was smiling from ear to ear yesterday, I loved it!

On Saturday, my district did service for this lady known as the ¨cat lady¨...she literally has 30 cats and is quite interesting but we spent four hours yesterday cleaning up her backyard! It was a blast and at the end she gave us ice cream (with a little cat hair in it)!  #meow  

For our New Years celebration the whole zone met up at our church and we ate popcorn and played card games all night!  We had to be back to our pensions by 10:30 but around 11:30 we had a district phone call with all the members of our district and had a ¨count down¨ to celebrate the New Year, I loved it!  On January 1, my district woke up at 4am and we hiked up a mountain in Villa Regina to watch the sunrise.  Oh man it was beautiful!!  After the sunrise we went back to our pension, took a quick nap until 7am, woke up, and then cooked a big lunch with meat and potatoes!  The rest of the day we played soccer and card game ¨scum¨ :) so fun!

This week Hermana Perez and I were waiting outside of an investigator´s house to teach a lesson and this lady named, Maria, came up to us and said that she wants to start taking the missionary lessons!  She is Catholic and her daughter, Angela, was baptized last year.  She told us all about how hard her life has been and she sees how happy her daughter is with the Gospel, so she wants to learn more and possibly be baptized!! So cool.  Maria reminds me a little bit of Mimi (my Grandma), a little crazy, but so so so much fun!!! I love her.  I showed her  pictures of my fam and she wouldn´t stop saying how beautiful my mom is (shout out to you mom, whenever I show pictures of my family to the Argentines they always say how beautiful you are!) Anyway, I am super excited to teach her and we are planning on setting up a baptismal date in our next lesson with her!!

Sorry I don´t have tons of time today but I love you all and I hope you all have had a great beginning in the year 2015!!

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