Monday, February 16, 2015

It's a holiday

Sorry I got on a little late today! Today is a "holiday" and the internet cafe is closed until 4 pm.  Anyway, El dia de los enamorados...Happy Valentine´s Day on Saturday!! I hope you all had a wonderful day with lots of hearts and more importantly, chocolate.  Mom, I definitely missed waking up to pink heart pancakes, pink milk, and all the fun things you do for us on Valentine´s Day.  Dad, I missed your flowers! I love you both!!

This week was awesome!! We found a new investigator and her name is Agostina.  She is 15 years old and the most selfless girl I have ever met! She is absolutely darling and basically all she does is clean her family´s house, go to school, and then babysit her nephew.  Originally her mom was a reference that we had been given but we could never find the mom when we passed by so we started talking to Agostina!  The first time we taught her we explaine the Plan of Salvation and she started crying because she loved it so much.  She said how she wants to preach the gospel in the Spirit World to her grandpa who passed away last year.  We invited her to be baptized on the 21 of March and with the biggest smile on her face she said that she would love to!  Our second lesson with her was awesome as well!  We shared the Book of Mormon and she had read everything we left her the lesson before.  She seriously is amazing and so so sweet.  She told us that her sister has celiac disease as well so she wants to make me a chocolate gluten free cake!  Anyway, I am so excited to continue teaching her and help her come closer to Christ.  Her mom is the only religious person in their family (Catholic) and the rest don´t like religions but we would love to teach the whole family so if you could all pray for the Loaiza family that would be awesome!! 

Toshy, Britt, and Torb, yesterday I was teaching the Plan of Salvation to this guy right outside of his house.  He had music playing super loud inside and then all of the sudden the song, Boom Clap, came on!  Holy smokes I was trying so hard not to listen to it and be distracted! I couldn´t help but think of all the times we drove together in my car with the windows down singing to that song.  Then Bob Marley came on and it reminded me of Mom, Dad, and Jake!! Jeez I miss you guys!

Shout out to Bubba, happy birthday last Tuesday!!! I love you! 

Quote of the week:
Bless us with a desire to reach thy kingdom, and to bring those who we love with us.
Rusty Clark

Love you all soooooo much and I am absolutely loving the mission and all the experiences I am having!!!!


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