Thursday, February 26, 2015

Peace and Blessins y'all

Another great week!!  Today we have transfers and Hermana Peres is leaving to go to Cipolletti!  My new companion won´t be here until around 5pm but her name is Hermana Oliveira and I´ve heard she is awesome!!  When they told me who my new companion would be they said, "Hermana Van Boerum, your new companion doesn´t speak English...nor does she speak Spanish...her name is Hermana Oliveira and she speaks Portuguese, from Brazil!" hahaha anyway, I´m excited to meet her and I will tell you more about her next week!!  Oh p.s. I am still in Godoy A, Villa Regina for this transfer!
This week was great and we found 3 new investigators!!  We also had a "tsunami" in our area where all the other 6 missionaries in our district came and contacted for 4 hours!  It was good and now we have some people to go visit :)
Yesterday I gave a talk about charity and it went really well!!  We also stopped by a few houses of members so Hermana Perez could say goodbye.  Sad that she is leaving but it´ll but changes are good and it is good to learn different things from different people!  I´m a little nervous because I have never had to show an area to someone who know nothing about it but hopefully it goes well!
Nothing too exciting happened this week so here are some random things that happened:
I sat for 20 minutes and taught a 40 year old woman how to do division haha, we mad a gluten free pizza to celebrate the end of the transfer and my 4 month mark yesterday!!!, this less active member showed me his "Anatomia y Fisiologia" book because I told him how I wanted to study medicine!
Whelp, I hope you all have a great week!! Mom and Dad I hope you are drinking lots of piña coladas and eating lots of guacamole for me in Puerto Rico!! Toshy, Britt, and Torb do something fun since Mom and Dad didn´t take you to Puerto Rico haha.  Jake, keep killin it in the Philippines!!! I miss you guys so much!!
Peace and Blessins y´all, have a great week!!!!!
Hermana Van Boerum

Pics: Hermana Perez and I, pic in the middle with Hermana Thorpe in our ward!!

love you all!!!

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