Monday, August 10, 2015

Hermana Van Boerum you are going to....stay in Chos Malal with Hermana Vilca!

Well this is just the biggest surprise ever, I am staying in Chos Malal for one more transfer!  After writing 15 goodbye/thank you letters, packing up all my things, having everyone tel me that for sure I was going to be transfered somewhere else, and being really excited to serve in a new area, the zone leadres called us Saturday night and told me that I will be here for 6 more weeks with Hermana Vilca!  I gotta say, at first I thought it was just a joke and so did everyone else but nope! I´m staying here in Chos Malal!  Later that Saturday night the assistants to President Casariego sent me a message that said, "Hermana Van Boerum, there is a very specific reason that you have to stay in Chos Malal.  We don't know it, but we feel it.  Find the reason :) Ask your Heavenly Father and we promise you he will answer.  He lives Hermana, we love you."  As for now I have been praying hard to know the reason that I am still here but I look forward to what my Heavenly Father has in store for not only me, but more importantly for the people here in Chos Malal.  I just have to humbly have faith and trust in Him :)

Last week we had conference with President Casariego and he is really changing lots of things in the mission!  He has a very interesting vision for the Neuquén Mission and the big focus is going to be on those who are not members.  If we eat lunch during the week with families who aren't giving us references we have to change that and find a different family to eat with who will give us references.  President also said that less active members and recent converts aren't our job as missionaries.  They have already had the opportunity to partake of this gospel and we shouldn't worry because it is the members job to visit them, and the members will also one day be accountable with the Lord.  President doesn't want us to completely stop working with less active members and recent converts, but we now have to focus more on our investigators and those who aren't members!  That is definitely a lot different than what President Lovell taught us but I know that President Casariego receives revelation from God as well so we will see how his new vision for the Mission Neuquén works and I have faith that these changes will wrought miracles! :)

Yesterday we had two new investigators, Caro and Anibal, come to church!  I will tell you more about them next week but pray lots for them!!

This week I really liked the scriptures in Moroni 7:35-36 which say: Sometimes it is hard to see the hand of God in our lives, but the miracles to this very day haven't ceased.  God truly has provided us with everything we need in order to see his miracles; ministering angels, the Holy Ghost, and more-but it is only through our faith that we will be able to see His great work in our lives.  It is our decision :)

quote of the week:
We carry upon our shoulders the reputation of the church - each and every one of us.
Heber J. Grant

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! have a good week!

Hermana Anika Van Boerum

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