Monday, November 9, 2015

Buena Semana!

This week went really well!  Hermana Lopez and I were able to find lots of new investigators during our 6 weeks together so now with Hermana Tapullima, my new companion, we just need to help all of these investigators keep their commitments, gain a firm testimony, and then arrive to the waters of baptism!

One of our investigators, Romina, is the wife of a less active member named Marcelo.  When I first got to el Bolson my comp told me that Romina didn't want anything to do with the church and that we should just leave her alone, but I told my comp, "let's visit her one last time just to make sure!"  And that's what we did!  After a few lessons with Romina, Marcelo is now preparing himself to be worthy to baptize Romina the 28th of November!  Romina is going to take this first step of baptism to begin her eternal family and I feel super grateful to be here in el Bolson at this time because I know that Romina has been prepared by the Lord all these years.  Romina even shared with us a dream she had the other day that was an answer to her prayers.  She said that she had prayed asking God if the church was true and if she should be baptized.  Turns out that Hermana Lopez and I were in the dram and we talked to her about things she had done in the past.  And when Romina woke up from her dream, she said that she knew what she needed to baptized.  After rejecting missionary after missionary for many years while being married to Marcelo, she finally realized that she knows the church is true and we have decided to prepare her for the 28th of November to be baptized!  I can't wait and I know that this is a huge miracle from the Lord!!
Quote of the week:
If we are not rejoicing and edifying one another in all our conversations, then we are doing something wrong.
-Eric Huntsman
I don't have much time but I hope you all have an amazing week!! Remember to always edify one another through your thoughts, words, actions, and deeds.  I love you all!!!
Hermana Anika Van Boerum

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