Monday, July 20, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside!

This week was great!! Our investigators are doing pretty well but it has been tough trying to get tem to go to church and teach them because everyone is on vacation!  With one of our investigators named Silvia, we taught her the Restoration and had an awesome, spiritual lesson with her.  But unfortunately she sent us a text yesterday saying that she has her own beliefs and that she isn't interested anymore which is a bummer.  On the bright side though, Patricia, our investigator who is progressing the most, is working towards trying to stop smoking!  Right now she is on vacations as well, but we are just praying that while she has been gone she hasn't been smoking!  Other than those few things not too much happened this week!

Lately President Casariego has been putting a big emphasis on not drinking water from the sink or drinking water given by investigators and members because tons of missionaries are getting sick.  We now have to wash all our fruits and vegetables with a little bleach as well because the fruit is causing health problems since it isn't washed...Unfortunately 15 missionares are being sent home this week for getting sick from the water and unwashed fruit so now we are being a lot more careful!

Sorry I don't have tons to write about this week but I hope you are all happy and enjoying your summer!! Family, I hope you are having lots and lots of fun in Sun Valley as well!!!  Thank you so much for all the prayers and support!

Quote of the week:
The invitation to "follow him" is the most simple, direct, and powerful invitation we can receive.
Eduardo Gavarret

Also, shout out to Little Jon, happy happy birthday!!! I love you and know that you are killin it out on the mish!

Hermana Anika Van Boerum

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