Monday, January 4, 2016


Happy 2016!  Ok so here's the scoop: I am convinced that during the holidays is when Argentines least want to listen to us as missionaries so these past two weeks have been pretty tough!  Hermana Webb and I have been working super hard but we just can't quite find the people that our Heavenly Father has prepared for us to teach.  I wish I had some special experiences to share this week with you all but I've got to be honest, our days have consisted in just walking everywhere and talking to everyone!  I definitely think that this is a test of our faith and diligence, but I do believe that through our obedience and desires the Lord will bless us.  I am just trying to have confidence in this wonderful quote by Mohandas K. Gandhi: "It is for us to make the effort.  The result is always in God's hands."

Alrighty so this week I want to talk about how faith and life are like riding a bicycle.  As we all know, when we are either pedaling or coasting down a hill, we are able to keep our balance.  We are able to keep equilibrium and not fall over.  But as we also know very well- and I think that all my family members who love cycling are quite familiar with this - that if we or the bike are in movement, the only way to not fall over is to put our foot down.  Sometimes we just aren't even able to unclip fast enough and we just hit the pavement after a big hill climb or at a stop light, like I did when I went cycling with my Mom and Dad haha.  So how does this relate to life and faith?  There is a famous quote by Albert Einstein which says, "The only way to be in equilibrium is to be in movement."  Or in this case the only way to not fall while riding a bike, is to be in movement.  It is simple and I believe that the same thing goes for our faith and very own lives.  If we are not constantly trying to increase our faith, or constantly pedaling, we will end up falling and losing all the blessings that God has in store for us.  If we are not diligently trying to progress in life and become better people, or climbing up a steep mountain when we slow down a bit, the same thing will happen and we will just fall over and not reach our destination.  We need to always be exercising our faith or we will just lose it.  We need to always be progressing in life or we will not make it to our final destination of being with the Lord and our Heavenly Father again.  We need to always be in movement.  Each and every one of you are such special children of God and your potential is greater than you can even comprehend.  So let's make this year of 2016 a year of movement!  Always pedaling so that we will be able to find that equilibrium that will increase our faith and allow us to progress and become what God wants us to become.  Pedal with all your might, and even take a break while oasting down a big hill, but don't ever stop being in movement.  
I love you all more than you know!  Thanks for all your support and love :)

Quote of the week:
The secret to happiness is not to always do what you love, but to always love what you do. 

Hermana Anika Van Boerum

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