Monday, March 21, 2016

4 Weeks Left!!!

The work in Fernandez Oro is going really well!! Remember Julio and Andrea who I talked about last week?  Well they went to church yesterday and totally loved it!!  They are keeping all their commitments and doing all they need in order to be ready to be baptized the 2nd of April!  Matilde and Orlando are two other investigators we have who are also progressing a lot.  Their son was baptized in February and now we are working with them so they can be baptized as well!  All they need to do is get married and Orlando needs to stop smoking (he smokes about 25 cigarettes a day!  That's a lot...), and then they are ready to go!  They are supposed to get married the 27th of May but we are working on moving that date for a sooner day because they want to get baptized sooner.  Pray for us please so we will be able to make this miracle happen!!  Lastly, we have Guiliana who is 22 years old and Orlando's sister!  She lives right next door to Orlando and is living with Matilde's brother Daniel (who is very uninterested in the church).  Guiliana has 2 young kids and told us that she just wants a better life for her kids, but her boyfriend, Daniel, doesn't want to change.  They live in a wooden house that is about the size of a large suburban car and every day when Daniel gets home from work, he goes straight to the bathroom to smoke marijuana for 4 hours straight.  It is sad because even the 2 year old daughter named Alma knows what her father is doing while he is in the bathroom for so long and says "Papa is smoking!"  Daniel even has his very own marijuana plants growing right outside of their home.  So Giuliana told us that she has considered leaving him and taking the kids with her many times, but she knows that isn't the solution because she wants her kids to be able to be with thier father.  Overall, she just wants her husband to change.  We explained to her that through her faith, prayers, and example, she will be able to change him.  That once he sees the light and happiness in her, he will want that too.  And he will change.  So those are just a few of our progressing investigators and Hermana Chavez and I are very happy with how the work is going in Fernandez Oro!  We are seeing lots of miracles and the Lord is truly guiding us to the people that are ready to hear the gospel :)

Well in two weekends is General Conference and I hope you all are excited as I am!!! What a blessing it is to be able to listen to our living prophet and his 12 apostles speak through revelation from our Heavenly Father.  I invite you all to take a minute and think of a few questions that you would like to be answered  by your Heavenly Father this conference and I know that our questions will be answered through faith and prayer!  I love you all soooooo much!! Have a wonderful week!!! :)

Quote of the week:
The most realistic self image of all is to conceive of yourself as made in the image of God.  
Maxwell Maltz

Hermana Anika Van Boerum :)

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