Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Chau San Martin

Well well well where do I start???  Yesterday I didn't email because I was in a 7 hour bus ride being transferred to my new area.  It was a big surprise because I thought that just Hermana Webb was leaving since she had 6 months there, but that wasn't the case!  We both left and now I am going to end my mission in a place called Fernandez Oro.  We still haven't gotten to Fernandez Oro because I had yet to write my family an email and apparently there aren't computers over there, so for today we are staying in a bigger city called Cipolletti.  Next week I will fill you all in on Fernandez Oro and the miracles we see there this first week.  I am going to have lots to tell you because my new comp and I are white washing the are, but I am going to go into it with full faith and trust in the Lord.  We may not know much about Fernandez Oro nor the people there, but the Lord does and I know he will guide us.

Oh and by the way my new comp is Hermana Chavez from Peru!!  She is great and I'll tell you all about her next week. :)

I don't have much time today but I do want to say that I sure loved San Martin and it was hard to leave.  I may have only been there 12 weeks, but they were some of the best weeks of my mission because I was working hard with one of my very best friends, Hermana Webb, by my side.  I met wonderful wonderful people there and it is a place that I will never forget.  It was probably the hardest of all my areas and was a great trial of my faith, but I know that after trials blessings do come.  I am excited to end my mission with Hermana Chavez in Fernandez Oro and I know we are going to see miracles together.  I love my Heavenly Father, I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and I love this great work.  Today is the beginning of the end; the beginning of my last transfer in the mission! My last 6 weeks. And I hope to leave all of me during these last few moments.  :)

I love you all!!! Have a beautiful week!! 
Oh and p.s. I will probably not be sending any photos for the next few weeks because someone robbed my camera like I had said before, and my new comp's camera broke so I can't use hers either...bummer!!! 

and shout out to Hilarie!!!!!!!!! Happy happy birthday, I love you!!!!!! :)

Hermana Anika Van Boerum

a few pics with my new comp!!

Next week I will send my last pictures with Hermana Webb!! I forgot the pendrive that I put the pictures on :(

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