Monday, April 6, 2015

Chos Malal

This week has been craaazy!  Lots of goodbyes, packing, traveling and more!! We are still traveling to get to my new area Chos Malal and it has been a LONG day!!  I woke up at 3, took a 2 hour bus ride to Neuquen City, waited there for four hours, took a 3 hour bus ride to Zapala, and now we are here in Zapala waiting for 6 hours to then take a 3 hour bus ride!!! Crazy.  Anyway, my new companion is Hermana Huisar and she is from Mexico!! She is so sweet and seems way awesome!  I am a little nervous because I am senior companion now but I love my new area and my new companion, so it'll be a great experience!! p.s. I hardly have any time and I don't have my camera this week since it is in my suitcase which I don't have for now but new week I will have tons of pictures to send!!!

As you all know this weekend we had General Conference which was absolutely wonderful.  So many beautiful talks were given and it was an incredible experience watching it through the eyes of a missionary!! I wish i had more time to say more, but I watched it in the "English room" with 30 other "gringo missionaries" and I love it so much.  I loved how the grand theme was eternal families and marriages.  What better topic is there?  The one thing central to God's Plan of Salvation, eternal families sealed by eternal marriages.  As Elder L. Tom Perry said, "families are the key to happiness." I sure loved General Conference and I am so thankful for the blessing we have to listen to a modern-day prophet and his apostles.

Sorry I don't have a ton of time this week but I am so so happy and the mission is such and amazing experience! Family, I hope you didn't have too much fun without me in Hawaii¡  I missed sitting and watching General Conference with y'all but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I love you guys so much :)

P.S. shout out to Taite Rideout!!!! Congratulations to you and Ryan with your engagement!! I love you!!

Hermana Van Boerum

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