Monday, April 27, 2015

Hermana Huisar, my comp, surprised me with a
darling card and 6 alfajores to celebrate 6 Months!!!
She is the Sweetest!

Pic with the goat we ate on Sunday!
It was delicious!!!
Dad you would love the meat here!

Alicia and her family!!
They are seriously the BEST!!
And so much fun

Me and the two random ladies we started talking to in the Park.
They were saying how crazy it is that I live in the United States
because they think there are a lot of tornados. Right before we
 took the pic one of the ladies yelled "Tornado!" and that is why
 we are all laughing :)
So Hilarious!!!

Selfie in the volcano ash with
Elder Herrera, Alder Le Baron and Hermana Huisar!

My "6 Months in the Mission field" celebration
with a gluten free cake and Dulce De Leche on my Face! 

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