Monday, April 13, 2015

Our Chos Malal Group!

Wow the work here in Chos Mala is completely different in comparison to Villa Regina! Chos Mala is a small little town in the middle of nowhere and the missionaries opened this area about a year ago! We don't have a ward, nor a branch, but we have a "group" of about 20 members here.  4 months ago they were holding Sacrament Meeting in a barn in the back of a member's house, but just recently we started renting out a little store space in the middle of town!  There are four elders and 2 sisters here in Chos Malal and because the number of members is so few, we do just about everything!  We give the Sunday talks, teach Relief Society, teach Priesthood, teach Seminary, teach Institute, do "group" family home evening, and teach Primary on weekdays every single week!  We also don't have lunch with the members so we have to cook every day on a very small budget! There is definitely a lot of work here and I have been a little stressed but I am excited and SO grateful to be here!  The people here are so nice and Chos Mala is absolutely beautiful. 
The only investigator we have is named Alicia.  She has 3 kids and two of them were baptized a few weeks ago! Alicia is ready to be baptized but she just needs to get a divorce from her other husband and marry the man she is living with!  She is so awesome and even has her tithing all saved up to pay for when she becomes a member!
The Leal family is basically the anchor of the church here!  There are 3 kids and the dad isn't a member but Hermana Leal and the rest of the family are members and they are the best!! We go to their house every night before returning to the pension to do a family prayer with them and I can't wait to get to know them even better during my next few months here!
Chos Malal is wonderful and it is such a blessing to be here!!!

Quote of the week:
On those occasion when you don't feel like praying, you should get on your knees and pray until you do feel like praying.
-Brigham Young

LOVE YOU ALL and have such a great week!!! 

Hermana Van Boerum

(sorry I have no time to say anything about the pics but these are all pics from last week!!)

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